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SecureDentalForms.com™ is a division of Advanced Automation Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia. Advanced Automation was founded in 1994. Since that time the firm has grown exponentially and now provides professional technology management services and consulting to a nationwide customer-base.

Advanced Automation has established a reputation as a leader, specializing in technology integration for dental, orthodontic, and cosmetic specialty fields throughout the United States. Over the past several years we have developed a wealth of real-world experience, yielding first hand knowledge of numerous practice management and dental imaging software packages. Advanced Automation and SecureDentalForms.com™ offer years of experience in meeting the challenges of practicing dentists and specialists.

Please feel free to contact us and we'll gladly assess the individual needs of your practice. We'll work with you to produce a paperless solution that provides ease of use for your patrons, greater efficiency for your staff, and a boost to your bottom line.



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Make life easier for your patients and your staff. Go paperless today!
Go paperless today! Secure Dental forms are HIPAA compliant, easy to setup, and easy for patients to use. Provide the utmost privacy and convenience to your patrons with the option to fill out forms online while at their home or office.
Some of the forms we
New Patient Information
Payment Policy
Privacy Policy
General Health History
Dental History
Customized Securedentalforms
for your practice.
While we offer standardized, precon-figured forms, we will galdly create customized forms to suit the specific needs of your practice. Please contact us now to discuss your needs, and we will create a custom package specically for you!

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