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The benefits of Secure Dental Forms are numerous:

  • The "paperless office" becomes reality
  • More productivity from your office staff
  • Encrypted patient files are safer and more easily stored
  • Full HIPPA compliance for patient privacy
  • Ability to share files simultaneously among staff
  • Cut patient "in-house" time giving them more flexibility and a better overall experience during their office visits
  • View patient's background and needs before the patient arrives at the office, know the patient's expectations and desires in advance of their visit
  • Greater accuracy in patient history and information
  • Online forms can mesh seamlessly with your current practice management software
  • Soft copy data reduces the likelihood of private information leaving the office
  • Save office storage space and cut the cost of office supplies


Make life easier for your patients and your staff. Go paperless today!
Go paperless today! Secure Dental forms are HIPAA compliant, easy to setup, and easy for patients to use. Provide the utmost privacy and convenience to your patrons with the option to fill out forms online while at their home or office.
Some of the forms we
New Patient Information
Payment Policy
Privacy Policy
General Health History
Dental History
Customized Securedentalforms
for your practice.
While we offer standardized, precon-figured forms, we will galdly create customized forms to suit the specific needs of your practice. Please contact us now to discuss your needs, and we will create a custom package specically for you!

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