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How Secure Dental Forms Work

Secure Dental Forms is a completely internet-based system that can provide all of the necessary forms for your office. You are able to select which forms you require from our list of pre-made forms or we will customize forms to fit the specific needs of your dental office. All forms adhere to the HIPAA Privacy Act for patient privacy. Best of all, you get a choice of standard forms downloaded directly from our secure server, or a customized forms system designed to work directly with your current practice management software. If you don't have a website yet, we will customize a site and integration package for you.

Once we have created a package of forms for your dental office, patients will be able to access these forms online and enter their information before arriving at your office. This allows patients to enter their personal information in the privacy of their homes or anywhere they have an internet connection. The information provided by your patients is more accurate because they are able to access their own records directly. They can even fill out the forms over multiple sessions ... the patient can save a partially completed form, and then return to complete it later. Once the forms are completed your office is notified by email and you can logon to view the results securely online, or those results are directly integrated with your existing pratcice management database (depending upon the package you've chosen).

Password-protected PDF forms can then be viewed online, and/or downloaded and stored on your local network, and viewed prior to the patient's visit. Because these forms are in a soft copy format they can be viewed by multiple employees simultaneously for more efficiency and a cost-effective work flow.


How Secude Dental Forms work

Make life easier for your patients and your staff. Go paperless today!
Go paperless today! Secure Dental forms are HIPAA compliant, easy to setup, and easy for patients to use. Provide the utmost privacy and convenience to your patrons with the option to fill out forms online while at their home or office.
Some of the forms we
New Patient Information
Payment Policy
Privacy Policy
General Health History
Dental History
Customized Securedentalforms
for your practice.
While we offer standardized, pre-configured forms, we will gladly create customized forms to suit the specific needs of your practice. Please contact us now to discuss your needs, and we will create a custom package especially for you!

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